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To find out what Dr. Charles Richburg can do for you just visit the request for services page!

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Welcome to Richburg Career Services (RCS)

Have you been thinking about making a change, but you are stuck?  If you answered yes, then you need to contact RCS for professional guidance and help to reach your desired goals.

• Want a more fulfilling life, but you do not know how?
• Want to start your own business or have more success in your current business?
• Know what you want to do, but are having trouble making it happen?
• Want to be more effective at work?
• Do you feel confused?
• Are you performing at your full potential?
• Want clarity in your personal life?
• Want to complete your education, but lack the necessary financial resources?
• Because of previous problems with the criminal justice system, you cannot do or have this or that?

If you answered yes, RCS can help!

Dr. Richburg is a scholar-practitioner who offers more than 30 years of experience helping individuals, groups, and organizations to achieve success, improve their overall performance, and reach heights that heretofore have evaded them for one reason or another. Dr. Richburg believes in and is committed to helping people reach their personal, professional, and business goals using an often-overlooked formula for success, proper planning and leadership that can be trusted!

To learn more about RCS please review this site and see what others have said about Dr. Richburg and his unique abilities.


Dr. Charles Richburg is an experienced scholar-practitioner, Counselor, College Lecturer, Facilitator, and Motivator specializing in Human Capital Development, Executive Leadership, Customized Mentoring and Career Development Planning, Life Skills Development & Coaching, and Customized Mentoring for College Student Athletes, Identifying Educational Funding (non-loan), and more. His unique approach to helping others to reach their goals is based on the premise that people need a well-developed “customized” Plan of Action (POA). His success with helping others to develop customized plans of action is well documented and is what distinguishes him from other leaders. Dr. Richburg realizes that we all have very specific ways of learning and doing things. Therefore, his long held belief is grounded in understanding how to help each individuals, groups, and organizations with proper “customized” planning and follow through. He reminds us that our “dreams” get us started, but “discipline” keeps us going!

Dr. Richburg works with people from various cultures and ethnic groups, by helping people to formulate plans of action that fits best for them. His knowledge of the plethora of resources available is shared with those whom he works and provides advancement at an accelerated pace to arrive at their “destination.”  For example, he has helped many to overcome barriers that heretofore would have prevented some from realizing their dreams and goals. The reason he places so much emphasis on this phase of development is that he realizes that the marketplace is often flooded with erroneous, misleading and false information designed to take advantage of people who may have limited resources to invest in their future.

By taking a few minutes and completing the Request for Services, you could very well be making your first steps to realizing your dreams and goals. We look forward to hearing from you.

  • "Charles Richburg has a unique ability to reach out to young men and women in trouble and need.  His combination of strength, understanding and compassion is rare and precious in any individual and in Charles it is especially true.  He is a friend and leader."
    Judge Doris T. Friedman (Ret.)
  • “I recognize Passion...which you have exemplified on many levels since we met…”
    Ted Ingram, Ph.D Bronx Community College
  • “Charles has the ability to remain calm under pressure and to keep not only his but those with him on course and focused on the objective at hand...and how best to accomplish the objective.”
    Vance Granby, MBA, Chief Financial Officer (Ret.)
  • “You seem to persevere despite any challenges and obstacles because you are determined to succeed in order to give your wisdom and gifts to others."
    Annecy Baez, Ph.D Bronx Community College
  • “Charles has the unique ability to look, listen, understand, assess and advise with an appropriate response.”
    Durette Tyler, Supervisor
  • “Dedicated/Committed organized and persistent. (Charles) is informed and utilizes resources effectively.”
    Joyce Corpas, Director of Special Education