charles-richburgDr. Charles Richburg affectionately known as “Dr. C” is a scholar-practitioner whose purpose in life is to serve others. Dr. C is an executive leader. Leadership does not occur overnight; it is earned and tested by time. During a career covering a span of over 30 years, Dr. C’s primary focus is to develop and maximize an important resource-human capital!

When our focus is on preserving our greatest resource; we thrive.  Evidence of Dr. C’s philosophy is found in his non-traditional approach to helping others realize their dreams and goals. Preservation of spirit, mind, body and soul first!  Achievement will come next.

Working and thinking “outside of the box” led Dr. C to develop pathways for a second chance for those seeking to improve their life in spite of the many barriers they face.  Dr. C knows the pain and suffering, the longing and desire to achieve dreams that linger in the mind can happen.


The two most important things Dr. C strongly believes that cannot be substituted are experience and preparation.  Dr. C believes the experiences he gained by sitting on both sides of the desk as a client and as a practitioner has prepared and equipped him to serve.  Experience is the best teacher. Who better to advise and provide counsel then one who has walked the path that you are or maybe on?

His work with community-based organizations is unparalleled.  His leadership and support has affected major life changes for individuals and their families, as well as the various groups and organizations that he served.

As a scholar-practitioner Dr. C delivers cutting edge, gut generated, innovative strategies that change lives and propel people toward their destiny.


A most important lesson Dr. C learned is that people often fail to maximize on their potential for one primary reason, poor planning and follow through! However, Dr. C has a slightly different version that reads like this, “those who fail to plan “properly,” plan to fail.

He is quite as convinced that those who have not yet found the success they so desperately need/want comes down to their lack of knowledge and understanding about the importance of having a clearly defined Plan of Action (PoA).

Since launching Richburg Career Services (RCS), he is convinced now more than ever, that those who seek his services are motivated and equipped to be a success story.


  • Career Services
  • Coaching
  • College Going Assistance includes helping students identify Non-Loan financial assistance
  • Counseling (Academic, Criminal Justice, Decision Making, Entrepreneurial, General, & Personal)
  • Executive Leadership
  • Life Skills Development
  • Mentoring
  • Male Student Athletes – Post Career Development Assistance

Although Dr. C devotes much of his time to Richburg Career Services (RCS), he also lectures at the community college, undergraduate and graduate school levels for various colleges in the region.

Dr. C is passionate about his research and work with male student athletes at the college level in order to improve the retention and graduation rates for community college student athletes.

According to Dr. C., there are two areas that cannot be substituted for; experience and preparation. Therefore, his focus is always on insuring that his customers’ are properly prepared, no matter what their dreams/goals may be.

He has appeared on Cable TV Channel 76 and WVOX Radio Station 1450AM, discussing alternatives to incarceration for criminal offenders with substance abuse problems and other social topics that impacts society.

Dr. C. resides in the northeastern United States with his lovely wife, the Reverend Judith Richburg.

Letters Of Recommendation

DR. FRAN WILLS Letter of Reference for Dr. Charles Richburg

DR. MICHAEL ROBINSON Recommendation for Dr. Charles Richburg

DR. MIRAGLIA Letter of Recommendation for Dr. Charles Richburg

ERIC LUTHER Letter of Recommendation -Dr. Charles Richburg

  • "Charles Richburg has a unique ability to reach out to young men and women in trouble and need.  His combination of strength, understanding and compassion is rare and precious in any individual and in Charles it is especially true.  He is a friend and leader."
    Judge Doris T. Friedman (Ret.)
  • “I recognize Passion...which you have exemplified on many levels since we met…”
    Ted Ingram, Ph.D Bronx Community College
  • “Charles has the ability to remain calm under pressure and to keep not only his but those with him on course and focused on the objective at hand...and how best to accomplish the objective.”
    Vance Granby, MBA, Chief Financial Officer (Ret.)
  • “You seem to persevere despite any challenges and obstacles because you are determined to succeed in order to give your wisdom and gifts to others."
    Annecy Baez, Ph.D Bronx Community College
  • “Charles has the unique ability to look, listen, understand, assess and advise with an appropriate response.”
    Durette Tyler, Supervisor
  • “Dedicated/Committed organized and persistent. (Charles) is informed and utilizes resources effectively.”
    Joyce Corpas, Director of Special Education