Richburg Career Services (RCS) specializes in developing strategies to enhance personal and professional skills.  We also offer customized services for individuals, groups, and organizations. By customizing his services, Dr. Richburg demonstrates how “seemingly” small changes can make a big difference in producing measurable and positive outcomes.  To learn more about these offerings, please click on the Request for Services Tab and take advantage of the 30 minute No Cost courtesy consultation.

Customized training is available for private and public sectors.

Professional Interviewing Techniques:

Who likes to interview? Not many people are comfortable with meeting new people or discussing key components as to why they should be the best candidate. Reduce your anxiety of interviewing and become comfortable focusing on your skills and personal brand. We understand and are here to help.

Professional Career Search Plan:

Target specific industries or companies and develop a plan. We’ll show how to connect to companies seeking talent in your field. We help with all industries and try to make sure that you have a focused approach. Using our approach connecting with someone in the know opens doors.

Professional Resume Review and Critique:

Sometimes we can be our own worst enemies. This happens often, we tend to sell ourselves short on the important skills that we possess. Let us help improve upon your current resume and develop a focused approach for career goals.

Resume Development and Review:

We will assist with the tools and specifics required to get an industry ready resume. Even if you have never created a resume, we are able to get you started to create a resume that highlights your skills and experience.

College Services Support:

Let RCS help you identify the billions of non-loan funds that can used to pay for your college education.

Social Networking:

Assistance developing your personal LinkedIn profile and techniques. Social networking changed over the years. Having an online presence or brand is key for your career search. Let us help you create a professional online brand.

Relating your Skills and Education:

You have learned a great deal of information while in school. Now you need to learn how to relate what you learned to your future employment. There are many items you want to make sure that you have in your search. We are here to help with you next step.

Starting my Career Search in School:

The time to start is now! Even if you are undecided on what you want to do as a career, there are important skills and career boosting experiences available now. We will help guide you in the area that you should be exploring now to ensure that you are prepared.