Customized Plan of Action (CPA) (4 hours) $300

Depending on the Dream/Goal identified by the customer, a unique and specific plan is created for the customer based on information provided during the initial 30 minute (No Cost) consultation and their assessment/intake form.

Next, Step-by-Step guidance is provided by Dr. Richburg and/or one of his well-qualified staff members to insure that the customer understands each step of the process to realize their dream/goal.

**RCS helps its customers to: D. I. G. Develop a plan of action, Invest in self, Get and keep moving toward their dream/goal.

FACT: Several people Do not realize their dreams/goals oftentimes because of the frustration they encounter when trying to 1. Get started; and 2. Continue moving on their path to success based on their expressed dream/goal. Therefore, RCS, Inc. assures all of its customers that Dr. Richburg and/or one of his well-qualified  staff members can be available either by phone (803) 226-0878, email, or in-person (By appointment) when needed. This promise guarantees that no customer will ever have to wonder, “What to do next” because of RCS commitment to help its customers to succeed.

Scholastic Aptitude Test (S.A.T.) Exam Preparation – CALL FOR MORE INFORMATION

Employment/ Job/Training search strategies $75 hr.

In addition to providing employment coaching, professional resume preparation (fees based on need)  interview preparation, and additional  related services,  RCS, Inc. will also help customers to identify any additional education/training opportunities to insure that all job applicants meet the qualifying criteria. Such benefits helps customers to not only compete in today’s job market, but, to excel!

Grant /Scholarship Discovery (3 hours)     $225

**Little known facts about Non-Loan Financial Aid for those interested in furthering their education/training.

Recent research conducted by Dr. Richburg confirms, millions of dollars are made available annually to qualified applicants. Furthermore, Dr. Richburg often states and his experience bears this out: “No student should ever have to drop out or not begin their college education/training because of a lack of finances, he assures his customers that the funds are available”

Dr. Richburg can help his customers to access Non-Loan Financial Aid for college funds in one of two ways; 1. He can teach customers how to identify, navigate, and apply for those funds themselves, OR, 2. RCS, Inc. has a fee based structure to conduct the search for customers who may not have the time and patience to do for themselves (See Grant/Scholarship Discovery fee above or $75.00 per hour)

Criminal Record Review and Assistance    $150

Follow up                                        $75/hr.

General Advisement                      $50/hr.

Education Review/Consultation

          Family, Marriage, Personal

          Career Enhancement (Promotional Strategies)

          Entrepreneurship/Social Entrepreneurship Guidance

          Male Student Athletes -Post College Career Development Assistance


Jobs Campaign                              $25 Registration


**Special Rates available for Groups & Organizations